living willow structure

We love creating these wonderful living willow structures for private clients and schools. We weave a variety of willow structures from domes, tipis, and fedges to tunnels and decorative screens. Through the winter you will see the skeleton of intricate weaving and in the summer you will have bright green, lush, leafy growth. The larger domes can be used for outdoor classrooms or just a shady spot for the children to play. living willow structureThey make fantantasic 'fantasy dens' dressed up with solar lights or just somewhere quiet to sit and relax. They are a wonderful habitat for all sorts of insects such as Ladybirds and Green lacewings, ... encouraging and sustaining more wildlife in your garden. We are happy to talk through any ideas you may have for your own bespoke structure, please bare in mind we create all our structures with willow in the dormant season, usually November through to March.